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The Wellflix Solution

The Wellflix self-care recovery video library consists of short (3 ‚Äď 5 minute) videos that show the patient and/or caregiver how to improve the patient’s post-discharge¬†recovery and avoid hospital readmission.

Wellflix videos are informed by decades of research in the effectiveness of video behavioral modeling.

Social Cognitive Theory, the observational learning science authored by Stanford professor Dr. Albert Bandura, has shown to be effective in changing patients’ behaviors across a range of healthcare issues. Wellflix co-founder, Dr. Peter Orton, studied with Bandura; hence, Social Cognitive Theory forms the foundation and design of every Wellflix video.


Behavioral Modeling

A growing research literature supports the effectiveness of video behavioral modeling for patients and caregivers.

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Patient Health Literacy

Increasing patient and caregiver health literacy is one of the most important factors for adherence to a treatment regimen.

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Patient Self-Efficacy

Building patient self-efficacy for self-care increases when patients can see what to do instead of reading instructions.

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Cross-Cultural Health Care

Bridging language and cultural barriers between patient and provider, Wellflix videos improve understanding of post-discharge instructions across diverse patient populations.

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Problems with health literacy are extremely common and costly; millions of Americans struggle to read and understand the information needed to function in the health care system.
American Medical Association
Those with inadequate health literacy have less knowledge about their medical conditions and treatment, worse health status, and a higher rate of hospitalization than the rest of the population.
American Medical Association